Fashion That Never Goes out of Style

The ‘80s were not kind to most. The music, the hair, the make-up, the fashion are all looked upon now as a form of comedic relief. It’s easy to fall into the trap of trends and not realize the fashion crimes that are being committed (looking at you, patterned leggings). While certainly, there is no such thing as a look that will remain fashionable for all of eternity, there are pieces that will stay fashionable throughout your life. Avoid the trap of trends and opt for a timeless style that you will never look back at photographs in horror.


Audrey Hepburn instantly comes to mind when picturing a Little
Black Dress. The dress she wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 1961 still looks phenomenal to this day. It’s no wonder the LBD has become a quintessential piece for every closet. The LBD is typically a simply cut dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Dare to splurge on a high-quality LBD that you will wear for years to come. Things to look for when shopping for the perfect LBD:

  • Try different styles to find the right shape for your body.The waist should sit precisely at your true waistline.
  • Be mindful of the material. If your goal is to wear the LBD for many different occasions, make sure the material is versatile.
  • A velvet material is gorgeous for a wedding, but it may not be what you want to wear to work.

Dark-wash jeansDenim

A no-frills pair of dark denim is a must-have. Once you find the right cut of jeans for your body type, they will be your best friend for life. The darker wash is key because lighter denim has a tendency to look nice now but will look dated in the future based on trends and cultural preferences (see: acid wash). A few things to look for when shopping for chic and timeless denim:

  • Are there embellishments? If yes, put the denim down and back slowly away.
  • Stitching should be minimal.
  • Butt pockets are necessary.

Wash inside out every six wears so that your denim can have a long and happy life.

Trench Coat

After recently purchasing my first trench coat ever, I can testify that the trench coat is a smaTrench Coatrt and stylish addition to any look. For most of my life, I associated trench coats with the Olsen Twins because of their detective series they did as kids. Although I was late to the party, I finally discovered the beauty that is the trench coat. The trench coat truly pulls together any look and is a great addition to the working woman’s wardrobe or a great piece to just throw on to run to the grocery store since it will hide what you’re wearing underneath (see: Off-duty Chic: It’s in the details). A few things to look for when shopping for a trench coat:

  • For a timeless trench coat, opt for neutral colors such as khaki, black or navy.
  • A double-breasted, belted trench coat will flatter every body type and is always stylish.
  • The standard trench coat length is two inches above the knee.


A classic black pump

Find a high-quality Italian heel and those babies will never let you down. Cheaper heels tend to be less comfortable because less attention is paid to the details of the shape (see: Why buy high-end shoes?). Paying a little more now for a heel that makes you feel comfortable and fiworkstylets your personality will pay off in the long run. Not only will your budget appreciate you for it, but a pair of Italian high heels will surely draw attention and compliments from those around you. A few things to look for when shopping for a classic black pump:

  • A common theme, but make sure you’re choosing a pair of heels that are right for your body Whether you want to elongate your legs, slim your calves or emphasize your curves, the right pair of heels for your body can make any of those happen. This will also add to their shelf life.
  • Find a height that makes you feel comfortable. No one ever looked chic in shoes they couldn’t walk in.
  • Look for high quality materials such as suede, leather and eco-leather, and thunit.

                                      wrap dressWrap Dress

In 1974, Diane von Furstenberg created the iconic wrap dress and the silhouette lives on to this day. A wrap dress is a dress with a front closure formed by wrapping one side across the other, and knotting the attached ties that wrap around the back at the waist or fastening buttons, typically in a jersey material. This forms a V-shaped neckline and hugs the wearer’s curves. The style is comfortable, breezy and flattering for every body type because it hugs and flows in all the right places. Much like the LBD in its versatility, the wrap dress can be styled up or down depending on the occasion. A few things to look for when shopping for a wrap dress:

  • Wrap dresses are available in multiple materials, but for utmost versatility and timelessness opt for a cotton or jersey knit.
  • Choose a wrap dress that has very little pattern because patterns can quickly become dated.
  • According to Ebay’s guide for choosing a flattering wrap dress:

    “When choosing a wrap dress, you need to pay most attention to the bust area, because the torso needs to be kept into proportion with the rest of the dress in order to look flattering. A wrap dress chosen in a size that fits perfectly can do wonders for bustier women, as it may enhance the bust while making the waist look slimmer and the stomach flatter. Slimmer women who wish to wear wrap dresses should opt for those with less fabric on top.”